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Ancient of Days Art

Medieval Metal Art, Sissy Bars, Custom Dog Crates and much more

Allen Price

Born and raised in the south Allen was trained as a welder/fabricator in Georgia. Structual stress welding was his living. Some of the projects he worked on professionally were the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland, Ohio. He has helped build F-16 fighters for Lockheed Martin and built Locomotives for Thrall Car. He has worked creatively in metal since the late 80"s.And has been an established freelance artist since 2009. Allens background in welding/fabricating has provided the framework in which his art has emerged.

The Artist Statement

I have come to believe that the creative process best expresses itself on an emotional level. My artistic creations are the emotional bridge between me the artist and those experiencing my art.

My love for 11th-16th century Gothic architecture is obvious in my creations and with my background the "Form follows function" concept was a natural progression for me. My childhood vision of me creating something that looks like it belongs in Dracula's castle still runs strong in my imagination.