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The Guardian Crate

Owner of The Guardian. Jackson Sharpe with Alabama Iron Pitbulls.


The crate measures 30" wide on the outside, the plates on which the bull gargoyles sit stick out an extra 2 1/2" on each side making it 35" just at the plates. The Guardian will fit easily through any standard door. The inside measures 2'-0" wide 2'-6" tall and 3'-0" long. I am 6 foot tall and you can see how tall it is with me standing next to it. I create all of my art with nothing but quality steel. Like every artist I know, I intend for my art to last forever. You really have to see this crate in person to really appreciate it. The amount of time I spend creating these crates is reflected in their quality.

The Gargoyles were ordered from a company out of Irwindale, California and are made of solid and durable coldcast resin. The doorknocker on front was ordered from a company out of Birmingham England and is made of very thick cast iron. The crosses in the web design are also made of cast iron. This crate should last many, many lifetimes. I know in these harder financial times we tend to give up a little on quality for affordability. Well not here. Quality is my only goal.

Price: $3,000  (sold)

If you would like a Guardian Crate custom created for you please contact us.

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