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Harley Davidson Shotgun Rack



 From Ancient Of Days Art comes a new take on an old Icon. We bring you the H-D Shotgun Rack. An awesome creation bringing together what only comes natural. Harleys and Guns. The H-D Shotgun Rack was created from 1/2" thick SOLID STEEL plate. It was cut using a waterjet system with the newest autocad 2012, and the fact I wanted it cut from 1/2" steel took a long time..2 1/2 hours to be exact. Notice in picture #3 above. The lines cut to create the wing feathers and eagle are cut all the way through the 1/2" steel ( VERY PRECISE ). The J hooks are made of SOLID 1/2" hexagonal bar that is hand twisted. The Rack measures 23" tall and 16" wide. Weighs around 18 LBS without a gun. The spikes are 2 1/2" tall and made of SOLID billet aluminum. Painted using a black acrylic semi gloss. This is the 2nd of only two in existence. Be sure to look in my Photo gallery page for more pictures of this creation.



  shipping price is for lower 48 states only.