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Gothic Gun Rack



A one of a kind creation from Ancient Of Days Art. This is my answer to the boring run of the mill wood gun racks. I created it with my shotgun in mind but any long rifle should work (a side by side shotgun will not fit). The gun rack is 14" wide and 19" tall and weighs 13 lbs without a gun. The Cross itself is made of 1/4" solid cast iron and has a 1/2" solid steel cross backbone. The J hooks are made of 1/2" solid hexagonal bar thats been hand twisted. The spikes are 2 3/4" inch tall and made of solid billet aluminum. The skull is 3" long and 2" wide and made of pewter. Painted using a flat black acrylic for the cross itself all the rest was painted with an acrylic clear coat. This gun rack is super heavy duty and will outlast us by many generations. Llike every creation here at Ancient of Days you will ONLY find this gun rack here. As always it is a one of a kind. If you have any questions at me.

$650.00 (sold)