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Dog Door Guardian

... The Dog Door Guardian. These pictures are of the DDG unpainted. It's built for Indoor or outdoor use. I prefer inside. It gives such a great look to any room. But as you can see from these looks GREAT outside as well. PLUS it gives you peace of mind knowing that it is no longer easy for the bad guys to get in through your dog door anymore. BUILT FROM HEAVY DUTY STEEL.And weighing around 50+ lbs The Dog Door Guardian puts an almost impenetrable security gate in front of your dog door. A once security weak spot. This is Art Form and Function at its very best. The DDG will add a gothic elegance to any small, medium, or large dog door.The Guardians overall dimensions are 3'-11" tall and 2'-7" Wide Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

$ 1,200