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A.O.D. Chopper

I decided to go ahead and put a page up for the A.O.D. Chopper, since it was actually the first creation AND sale from Ancient Of Days. It's a 1973 Harley Davidson Ironhead 1000cc. Totally chopped. The frame is a 1978 paughco stretched 18 degrees over stock. This bike is so customized its hard to chose where to start describing it. The handlebars and fender struts are made from 3/4" solid steel, hand twisted square bar..tempered a little for strength. I made the seat pan, but all leather work was done by Martin at Dream evil designs. The intake was created here using a skull ashtray made of cold cast resin which after alot of testing resisted alot of heat and was totally gas resistant. Perfect for what I needed. The skull was drilled out and re enforced inside with a thick layer of fiberglass resin. Ended up very heavy duty and is still used on the bike today 3 years later. The chain is the new X chain powder coated RED. The gas tank was an old Harley peanut tank, customized as you see it here. I used CREAM tank liner to insure it would last a long time. The rear fender was cutom created and is as you see it. I love the cross. The tires are Avon Venom X. 21" on the front 150 in the rear. This chopper took 10 months to create and sold 1 year later, but not before it won first place in the MOST RADICAL SPORTSTER at the Booger Blast world finals. Sounds GREAT but was actually just a local car and bike show. :)

Anyway, if you own a chopper or your working on one as a hobby give me a call here at Ancient Of Days. I'm sure I can make anything you may need.